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April 2023 - May 2023

Research, Design, and Development



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In a far away land, there was a student who wanted to take a class. They went to MyPlan - the University of Washington's course registry, and saw two professors teaching the same class. It raised a simple question: which professor should they take?

From here, a resourceful student would open a new tab and search for the professor on multiple websites: RateMyProfessor, UW Course Review, and UW Flow. They would then compare the ratings and reviews of each professor, and make a decision based on that. This process works, but it's tedious and time consuming.

GradePoint is a free Chrome extension that shows real course data on MyPlan.

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It's a simple solution to a simple problem. It quickly compiles data from multiple sources and displays it in a clean and concise manner. You never have to leave the tab to make a decision.

The data is sourced from the Freedom of Information Act and hosted in a custom SQL database.

I waited 2 months for the data to be released to me after my request. Within a few days, while in between traveling, I brought it all together and deployed it. I used a custom SQL database in Supabase, and GPT-4 to make my code-writing process faster and more efficient.